Slow and Steady


Slow and steady... Thats how we are trying to live our lives.... Na, been keeping busy with everything. Life has been wonderful thus far with Brinley. I can tell all of you this, radiation, although a blessing, she has definitely a changed girl. Mood swings, lack of appetite, and tires out easily. Everyday we wake up and throughout the day we thank God for what we have with our daughter. The average time frame of DIPG kiddos is sadly(not the best word choice) 8-9 months. We are at almost 6 months since diagnosis. Needless to say we are stressed. One moment happy the next breath disturbed and not knowing Gods Will that will be in our future. Its scary to say the least. We watch her like a hawk searching for a mouse. Looking for any sign that could be the start of progression. So far NO signs. But... is a huge word following that statement. The unknown.... Ugh. Next week we have our 6 month scans after radiation treatment. Unfortunately we haven't even touched the tip of the ice berg to make the call to Mexico. Two children right now getting treatment in Mexico have gone NED(no evidence of disease). That is an amazing feat. I pray daily for all kids going through cancer thats for sure. I know God has a plan for Brinley and no matter Mexico or not she will always belong to God first and Brittany and I second. We are asking for as many prayers as we possibly can along with participation with events and raffles as well as any donations. Unfortunately its not just Brinley going through this... But many other children as well. I pray for those kids just as much as i do for my own. As well as the Childrens families who have already fought bravely... Ultimately the end result I want to see in my lifetime is a cure for all Cancers. I feel like thats why we have been selected with this. Scream loud and proud. Help bring awareness, help other families, and provide positive ministry to people going through this detrimental time in there lives. The long term goal is to prevent more children and families from going through this. How? Pushing and pushing for a cure! I hope when we get this Foundation in full swing we can bring the much needed attention on this goal. The goal is defeating all cancers especially Childrens Pediatric Brain tumors. We have experienced way too much on seeing the negligence of treatment options for these cancers. Things have got to change in America. I do Believe in Brinley that she with Gods help can beat this. I do Believe that Americans as a whole can hold research centers and treatment facilities accountable for beating these cancers. I also believe that "the elephant in the room" has been dodged long enough and needs to be addressed and beaten. Cancer has been around for many generations... Its Time to end this... Its time the World focuses on defeating cancers!



Share Brinley's story, donate some time or money, send a letter to your congressmen. Everything helps when we spread more than just awareness.

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