Sadly enough in the USA 200-300 children ranging from 4-9 years old are diagnosed with a type of cancerous brain tumor called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). As of right now, America and various other countries have struggled with this devastating tumor. The main reason is because of the location of the Brain that it thrives in; The Pons region of the Brain. This region of the Brain is largely credited being the "epicenter of the brain." The region controls a broad number of functions. For example: Respiratory, Muscle movements, Swallowing, Eye movement, Heart beat, as well as causes headaches, nausea, and effects balance. The list goes on and on.


Every breath she takes and moment she is here is cherished.

We are in a land of "What IF?"


The doors we walk through for treatment have NO chance of extending the time frame allotted from our doctors. Most children with this tumor only survive for a short experience of 8-9 months in the USA. It is absolutely devastating that our society isn't more knowledgeable of this atrocity. Each DIPG tumor case is different compared when compared to strep throat, allergies, or basic sickness that have a standard remedy that can be administered. That being said, the only treatment option for a DIPG case are trials. There are a few out there but as I said before the 8-9 month average projection hasn't changed with ANY trial. This is not good enough for myself as a parent, nor anyone else as well. We have been seeking every avenue that we can find. As of right now the best scenario we have found is in Monterrey Mexico for the Intra-artial immunotherapy. 

The Mexico treatment has a downfall, not just out of our country, but cost is completely out of pocket. The first initial visit is around $8k. This is just for the intra-artial. The immunotherapy can have an upward cost of $17k-25k per treatment. Why so expensive? Well as a parent we have to take into consideration of a chance to be admitted to the PICU. Every day in the PICU is around $4,500 USD. the immunotherapy starts at $17k. Luck favors the prepared... I don't want to get down there without extra money for any scenario. 

Why Mexico??? Most of the Kids (with DIPG) down there right now are Thriving!!! Kids are experiencing not only massive amounts of shrinkage but tumor activity is reducing as well. Some kids have been doing the therapy for 5 years now and have no adverse side effects. The main reason for this is that the therapy is less invasive than other treatments provided by the USA. That in itself gives us Hope when there is none available. The sad part is its extremely proprietary for them to release medical medicines being used as well as true arrogance of our own Oncologists in America to listen to the medical staff in Mexico. That's not our biggest issue, our biggest issue is money and our "lack there of Time frame."
We have to ask out of businesses and people from all around the world too help us anyway as possible. We are trying fundraisers and raffles as well as selling T-shirts, and a Go fund me page. 

Our mission is to ultimately save not just our daughters life... But Your kids as well... Your future generation is still at risk of developing this dreadful tumor. It is a very real reality.


No donation is too big or too small. Gratitude from us to you is there and will always be there. Our #BelieveinBrinley page is honoring all sponsors for their deeds and businesses alike are getting recognition for any services they are doing.
We are extremely grateful for any support that you can do for us. My Brinley deserves to have a normal life, the same as any other child does. Let us work together to cure this dreaded Cancer. Lets work together to cure all Cancers. I don't want to be the civilization that is known for going to Mars; I want to be the society that cures all cancers.

With All Respect -
Adam Beauchamp


Share Brinley's story, donate some time, send a letter to your congressmen. Everything helps when we spread more than just awareness.